The day seemed magical. Balmy, golden sunshine, a filter that made everyone look youthful, enhanced by their bright smiles. Arms leaden with a bounty of favorite foods, Grandma’s potato salad, a New York style cheesecake, a bunny cake made from Mom’s cast iron mold, coconut dyed green looked like early spring grass. Seared meats and braided breads, platters on the buffet beside baskets filled with straw, decorated eggs and chocolate bunnies. Vases of daffodils and tulips on tables scattered around the backyard lawn that was so massive it could have hosted a polo match. And the entire family gathered, starched shirts, white patent-leather shoes below petticoats. Some held croquet mallets, others played volleyball, little ones hunted for hidden treasure. Children squealed and adults laughed, glasses raised, and hearts were warmed on this special day, a celebration shared with family and friends. Our best memories, though some excite the bittersweet, like a father’s hearty hug that you might miss this year.

New memories are waiting to be created. Springhill Suites Auburn is hosting an “Easter Brunch Eggstravaganza” full of the charm, food, beverage, and games from years gone by. Tablecloths, champagne glasses, and a banquet prepared by Chef Gabriel. The best part of our Easter Brunch Eggstravaganza is that you’ll be part of our extended family. We’re an enthusiastic bunch who love hospitality. Come warm your spirits at our first annual Easter celebration and let us provide a delicious dining experience and fun for the whole family with face painting, relay races, and a giant egg hunt on the back patio overlooking the panoramic views of the Sierra foothills. RSVP at 530-328-3588 or by filling out the form below.

Easter Brunch Eggstravaganza - Brunch Menu

Date and time(s)

Sunday, April 9,2023

Two Brunch Seatings



Springhill Suites Auburn
13535 Bowman Road
Auburn, CA 95603

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